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Our Process

Clover’s AI solutions can provide you with detailed, actionable data rapidly, in a nearly turnkey setting that minimizes downtime for maximum results. Our AI products combine your existing data with the computing power of the Cloud to customize supply chain solutions in a simple and intuitive way. Take a look at our process below, to see how easy it is to turn your supply chain operation into a model of efficiency and production.

Week 1

Onsite consultation call to get an overview of your business and business goals Based on our consultation, you provide 24 months of historical data by region, customer, product, brand and SKU.

Week 2

Clover cleans up, reviews, and optimizes partner data Runs clean data through the AI Direct platform.

Week 3

Share findings, reporting based on business goals Highlight areas of opportunity, lower costs, and optimize operational processes.

In less than a month, AI Direct can transform your business into a model of productivity and revenue growth using fast, simple, techniques that dovetail seamlessly with your business goals and targets


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