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How Can AI Transform Your Business?

Today’s organizations are overloaded with data, bogged down by overly complex systems, and asked to meet an ever-growing list of customer requirements. To be competitive, your supply chain must be configured to meet customer demand using an intelligent, end-to-end system that’s completely integrated. Clover offers a full range of AI Supply Chain services to create a flexible ecosystem. This innovative technology is poised to help your company stay flexible and strong for optimal risk management and revenue growth.


Our lines of service currently include Sales Forecasting, Distribution Networking, Warehousing, Replenishment, and Supplier Management

Sales Forecasting

Long-term business growth is predicated on accurate sales forecasting. By leveraging the power of machine-learning algorithms, our AI-powered system allows businesses to sidestep suboptimal outcomes by increasing forecasting accuracy to grow revenue.

Distribution Networking

A fully stocked, ready-to-go inventory is critical to meet demand surges and prevent service disruption. Clover’s innovative AI Direct platform uses predictive learning to pinpoint where — and when — inventory should be stocked in your distribution network for best performance and cost-effectiveness. AI algorithms achieve critical accuracy by diving deep into available data and — through continuous monitoring, measuring, and calculating — providing suggestions that heighten efficiency and reduce risk.


Productivity, communications, and organization are key to enhancing warehouse operations. Our AI solutions can transform your warehouse by optimizing your warehouse space, intelligently locating your inventory to maximize cubage and increase picking efficiency and overall productivity. Conversational AI allows your warehouse team to work hands-free, allowing for greater operational efficiency, faster fulfillment, and less human error.


For optimized replenishment, the goal is to set inventory at the right level for customer demand, avoiding siloed processes and untangling the web of competing needs. Our AI technology can manage your replenishment strategy with statistical modeling to set safety stock and reorder targets and manage order frequency.

Supplier Management

Timely delivery, better prices, and good supplier services are critical for the successful management of your supply chain. Help your suppliers meet needs and expectations using AI to accurately forecast purchasing and provide actionable metrics for goal-setting.

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